United States: Ron DeSantis starts his campaign for the White House…with technical problems. The Governor of Florida said: “In a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, May 24, the Republican candidate in the 2024 US presidential election to stage America’s great comeback.” But this launch “very expected” was “marred by terrible technical failures”according to Politico. “Twitter smashed his face several times” Bye “thousands of internet users tried to listen” his announcement. It’s just “thirty minutes after the start of the event” that Mr. DeSantis “I was finally able to speak”say the media. “The show was a big embarrassment for Mr. DeSantis and Elon Musk, the relatively new owner of Twitter.”

Canada and Saudi Arabia will restore diplomatic relations. In separate statements, both countries indicated that they “would restore the level of diplomatic relations” existing until 2018. The initiative “thus puts an end to the bitter dispute that has arisen [cette année-là] “, emphasize Al Jazeera. Riyadh “arrested several prominent women human rights activists”. “Among them was Samar Badawi, whose brother, dissident Raif Badawi, was also imprisoned at the time. His wife and children fled to Canada, where they were granted citizenship. Following the arrests, Canada’s foreign minister, and then the Foreign Ministry itself, posted a series of messages on social media in favor of the militants, sparking a diplomatic rift, the Qatari channel reports.

Switzerland fines 100 climate activists for disrupting flights. Weather reports that 102 climate activists were charged with a number of offenses and fined on Wednesday. The day before, they were arrested at the Geneva airport after the disruption of the largest business aviation exhibition in Europe (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, EBACE). “On Tuesday at 11:35 (they) entered the airport, climbing or cutting through fences. They walked to the EBACE exhibition perimeter, where some of them tied themselves up or even handcuffed private jets to denounce business aviation’s CO2 emissions.