This is reported by the Italian newspaper Daily Mail. Corriere della Sera, the announcement, made on the morning of May 25, was posted by Yevgeny Prigozhin on the Russian messaging app Telegram.

“The fighters of the Wagner group began to withdraw from Bakhmut, explained the leader of the Russian mercenaries. 5 o’clock in the morning on May 25, our division leaves Bakhmut.

The announcement, which did not come as a surprise, since Prigogine was already planning this movement. According to him, the withdrawal should be completed by 1uh June, the day when the Wagner group planned to completely hand over the reins of power in the city of Donbass to the regular Russian army.

“We will hand over our positions, our ammunition, everything, including dry rations, to regular troops.” said Prigozhin, whose statements were handed over The keeper. This man also attacked the Moscow army, saying that he would leave two of his fighters in case the situation worsened again.

At the moment, the people of Kiev do not comment on Prigozhin’s intentions; we are content to observe the movements of the Wagner group in the field. So, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said on Thursday that Russia had begun replacing Wagner units with regular troops on the outskirts of Bakhmut, but the group’s fighters were still inside the city. This calls into question the true intentions of the man nicknamed “Putin’s chef.”

Be that as it may, if Wagner’s departure were confirmed, this would de facto open “a new stage of the struggle for the city”, analysis on his side New York Times. For the American media, this scenario would test whether the Russian army really “able to hold hard-earned positions against Ukrainian forces that have reached the outskirts of the city and are now preparing for a larger counteroffensive.”

A counter-offensive that could consider Bakhmut one of the main targets, even if the Kievans claim that the city has not yet completely passed into the hands of the Russians.