Belarus claims that Russia has started supplying it with nuclear weapons. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who attended a regional summit in Moscow on Thursday, said the transfer of nuclear warheads had begun. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on March 25 that Moscow would deploy nuclear weapons. “tactics” on the territory of Belarus, a country that also borders Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, raising fears of an escalation of the ongoing conflict in the latter country. For Die Weltsome of Putin’s speeches seem to show that the head of the Kremlin is in the process of “prepare the population of Russia for the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons, for example, by alluding to the American atomic bombing of Japan during World War II.”

Elon Musk will test his connected brain implants on humans. His startup Neuralink announced on Twitter on Thursday that it had received approval from US health authorities. The company is developing connected devices that will be implanted in the brain for direct mental communication with computers. They should be used primarily to help people who are paralyzed or suffer from neurological diseases. The startup then wants to make these implants safe and reliable enough to be elective: people could pay several thousand dollars to equip their brains with computer power. However, Neuralink will not be the first company to implant a connected device into the human brain. edge. Another US company, Synchron, began testing in 2021 and installed its first implant last July.

The powerful Balkan cartel has been liquidated. 37 criminals were arrested in seven countries in a major police operation coordinated by the Croatian police, Europol said on Thursday. This criminal gang “extremely violent” was involved in the large-scale drug and arms trade in Europe. Police operations were carried out simultaneously in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Germany on Thursday to detain members of the cartel. The group leader will be “Bosnian currently imprisoned in Italy”who went on to organize “dealing in weapons and drugs from his cell”indicates the site Albanian daily news. The police seized 148,000 euros in cash, 18 firearms, including two machine guns, and 500 grams of remotely detonated TNT. Also seized were 15 kg of cocaine, 11 kg of heroin, 3 kg of amphetamine, 7 kg of marijuana and 10 kg of marijuana.

Five arrests after a deadly stampede at a football stadium in El Salvador. The president of Alianza football club of San Salvador and two other executives of the club that organized the match were arrested on Thursday, as well as two officials of the sports arena after an incident that killed 12 people on May 20. The Attorney General’s Office is investigating “negligence in the organization [du match] and overselling tickets that would trigger a human avalanche.”reports El Mundo. The gates of the stadium did not have sufficient capacity to let through such a large number of spectators, and “were not opened with sufficient notice to ensure an orderly and safe arrival”the prosecution said.