In the event of a nuclear attack, the Moscow elite should soon take refuge in a shelter built at the “Central Clinical Hospital of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation,” also known as the “Kremlin Clinic.” This Moscow Times who reveals this after gaining access to a contract signed by the Russian president on May 26.

The 800-seat bunker is to be built in record time, independent media say. “All construction of what is officially called the ‘Civil Defense Protection Structure’ is expected to be completed by December 20 this year.” It will receive a budget of 35 million rubles (400,000 euros), according to a note on the public procurement website.

According to the specifications “The fallout shelter must be able to protect both from a powerful explosion and from radiation over an area of ​​10 kilometers,” accurate Moscow Times. Multiple emergency entrances and exits listed “as well as a sophisticated ventilation and heating system” allowing, among other things, according to the official description, “wartime medical procedures”.

OUR Moscow Times publishes this information a few days after the attack