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After ten years in exile, Edward Snowden has no “no regrets”. But the whistleblower who uncovered the NSA’s mass surveillance methods is taking a grim view of the situation today. IN 2013, “it was the childhood of art”, he says in an interview Guardian, as surveillance technologies have become more advanced and intrusive.

“He is concerned not only with the dangers posed by the states and big technologies, British newspaper writes but also commercial technologies such as video surveillance, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and intrusive spy tools used against dissidents and journalists like Pegasus.”

IN 2013, “We thought that the state would not deceive us. But he did. We thought tech companies wouldn’t abuse our trust, but we’re doing it.” launches Snowden.

“And it will start again, because it is in the nature of strength.”

Edward Snowden has been living in Russia since 2013. “after escaping from Hong Kong, where he handed over tens of thousands of top-secret documents to journalists,” remember The keeper, one of two names “Washington Post” who published revelations about the methods of British and American intelligence. On June 10, 2013, Edward Snowden stepped out of the shadows: The keeper published in one photo of the whistleblower.

In this new interview, the whistleblower still mentions “positive changes” provoked by his revelations, including accelerated implementation of end-to-end encryption systems for telecommunications.