Chinese base will be installed “less than 200 kilometers from the coast of Florida”, emphasize Wall Street Magazine, which became the first American daily newspaper to reveal details of the “secret agreement between Beijing and Havana” set up a listening station on the island of Cuba.

For a financial daily newspaper, this agreement represents “new geopolitical challenge” launched by Beijing in Washington, because this new station can allow China“Intercept all emails passing through the southeastern United States, where many military bases are located, and also monitor maritime traffic in the area.” What to weigh “a new, unprecedented threat in the backyard of the United States.”

New geopolitical challenge

While Joe Biden’s National Security Council spokesman John Kirby denied the veracity of the information leaked from Wall Street Journal without going into details, emphasizes for its part New York Times, this news continued to worry all of Washington because of the close proximity of the island of Cuba to American shores and the growing rivalry of the United States with China.

“We are deeply concerned by reports that Havana and Beijing are cooperating to target the United States and American citizens.” Democratic Senator Mark Warner and Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who chair the Senate Intelligence Committee, were touched in their statement, adding: “The United States must respond to China’s frontal attacks on national security.”

Return the favor to Uncle Sam

In a new, more analytical article published June 9, Wall Street Journal sees it through, given that Beijing’s desire to establish a base in Cuba is “a new indicator of China’s ambition to become a great world power.”

This new object really should “to allow China to expand its playing field by rooting itself in an important economic and geopolitical region” and to change the rules of the game by paying back for the first time to Washington, which has long been spying on China’s communications off the coast of China in the Asia-Pacific region.