For the commander of the Kyiv ground forces, General Alexander Syrsky, this is “an important step forward”note The keeper.

On Monday, September 18, a senior military official hailed the recapture of two eastern villages, Andreevka and Klishchevka, allowing Kyiv forces to cross Russian lines near the devastated town of Bakhmut. Thanks to these achievements, “The enemy’s line of defense has been broken”– said the general.

“Although the Ukrainian offensive lasted a good three months and has already been characterized by many observers as a failure,” This was stated by military economist Markus Keupp in an interview with the newspaper. South German newspaper Zeitung What “We are at a point where the situation can change”. “If Ukraine manages to keep up the pressure, I don’t see how the Russians will be able to support it logistically in the coming weeks. Because the Russian units, both on Robotain and on the rest of the front, are no longer fully combat-ready. Some of them consist only of so-called mobs, i.e. newly mobilized inexperienced soldiers and outdated tanks. he clarifies.

The Uncertain Future of American Military Aid

However, in the East the situation remains “difficult” for the Ukrainian army and “Fierce fighting near Bakhmut continues,” General Alexander Syrsky admitted this on Monday.

“Time is running out for Kyivreminds her BBC. In a few weeks the rainy season will arrive, turning the roads into mud and hampering all progress. British media emphasize. In addition, uncertainty remains regarding the US presidential elections, where a Republican victory could lead to a sharp reduction in US military support for Ukraine. President Putin knows that he will have to hold out until then. And the Ukrainians know that they must succeed in this counteroffensive.”

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky arrived in New York on Monday evening. On Tuesday he will appear at the UN for the first time and then travel to Washington, where he will be received at the White House on Thursday.

Zelensky in the USA: “delicate political mission”

This is the second trip of the Ukrainian leader to the United States. “this is a more delicate political mission” than his previous visit in December 2022, during which he was “greeted like a hero” note New York Times. This time he will have to face “to the skepticism of some Republican elected officials who oppose aid to Ukraine” even when the Ukrainian counter-offensive “on which many hopes were pinned” didn’t “At the moment, only inconclusive findings have been identified.”

According to the American newspaper, the Ukrainian president should take a different tone during his visit, different from the one he used during his previous trip. One remains “tireless advocate of military assistance to the Ukrainian army”, but lately he “were soaking his calls [à l’aide] an expression of deep gratitude for what the West has already provided,” pay attention to The newspaper “New York Times. The President of Ukraine accepted this. “change in tone and approach” after he was criticized for his treatment of his Western supporters. Although he demanded weapons from them, some observers believed that he was giving “The impression is that he berates his allies and appears ungrateful.”