“If necessary, our roads will be separated from the European Union,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced this on Saturday, September 16. A striking statement, the newspaper reports Hurriyet, and which is a response to a critical report of the European Parliament indicating, inter alia, the deterioration “democratic values ​​and the rule of law” in the country. The report concludes that the freeze on the accession process since 2016 should continue.

The remark by the Turkish president, whose country has been an EU candidate since 1987, was welcomed by pro-government press such as the Islamo-nationalist daily. Yeni Safak : “Farewell to Europe, Inshallah” That’s the title of the editorial. “Turkey does not need the European Union, nor its lessons and contemptuous admonitions.”

“A break with the European Union is a dream, a severance of these ties that would allow our country to gain self-confidence.”

The announcement comes after Turkey’s president lifted a veto against Sweden’s entry into NATO in July, indicating that he made the agreement conditional on the resumption of negotiations.