The Russian offensive in the Donbass has been in full swing for almost a week now, and now its goals are clear. By voice “Deputy Chief of Staff of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation Rustam Minnekaev”, Moscow unveiled its “Napoleonic plans” whose goal is to conquer not only the Donbass, but the entire south of Ukraine, ensuring “land bridge” from the Donbass to Transnistria, the Russian separatist region of Moldova, recalls the daily Ukraine Young.

No truce for Easter Sunday

The announcement follows that of Vladimir Putin, who on April 21 signaled that he had barred Russian forces from launching an assault on the Azovstal complex in Mariupol, where some 2,000 Ukrainian fighters were still dug in, officially to redeploy Russian troops further north. According to presidential adviser Alexei Arestovich, quoted by the newspaper Den, “This means that they cannot physically take Azovstal. They understood. They suffered huge losses. Our fighters continue to hold the plant.”

“Arestovich emphasizes that this announcement of a Russian victory in Mariupol, without waiting for either Easter or May 9th, indicates that the Russians have realized that their last operations at this stage of the war have no chance of success.”

Easter holidays really have a special meaning for the Orthodox, writes Ukrainian truth,