If the focus of the conflict is now in the south and east of the country, no region of Ukraine can claim immunity.

This is once again evidenced by the information that has come down to us from the Kyiv government, which on Monday, April 25, reported that five stations in the center and in the west of the country were subjected to Russian air strikes.

The Lviv region, located near the Polish border and still relatively unaffected by the war, was affected, as was the Vinnytsia region in the center of the country. “The governor of Lvov said that there were no casualties in his area, but there were killed and wounded in the Vinnytsia region,” the report says. note BBC, which emphasizes that these attacks are reminiscent of the tragic episode of the bombing of the Kramatorsk station, which killed more than 50 civilians. According to the agency Associated PressIt is reported that at least 5 people died and 18 were injured in the Vinnytsia region.

There is no electricity and water in the Luhansk region

“Stations and railway infrastructure have become the main goal of the Russian troops, abounds even in the British media, because railways are necessary both for the transport of goods and for the evacuation of civilians to neighboring countries.”

While the entire Ukrainian territory could thus be hit by Russian strikes, it is undeniably in the Donbas that the situation remains most tense.

So, on April 25, at least 30 thousand people in the Luhansk region (part of which is part of the self-proclaimed pro-Russian republic of the same name) will be left without electricity after “as a result of these battles, an important power distribution center in the small town of Kremennaya was disabled,” teaching us New York Times. According to local authorities, practically in the entire region of the extreme east of Ukraine there will also be no running water.