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Donna Assunta Almirante, widow of the founder of MSI passed away

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Assunta Almirante, widow of Giorgio Almirante, founder and historical leader of the Italian social movement, died. The woman, known as Donna Assunta and considered the historical memory of the right Italian, had turned 100 on July 14 (Imagoecoomica).

Born Raffaella Stramandinoli in 1921 in Catanzaro, ‘Donna Assunta’ was the reference point of the more Orthodox right after the death of her husband Giorgio Almirante in 1988 (Imagoeconomica)

Giorgio Almirante with Donna Assunta and Pino Rauti in a photo from 1987 (Ansa)

A family photo from Giuliana De’ Medici’s private album with her father Giorgio Almirante and mother Donna Assunta (Benvegnù-Guaitoli)

Donna Assunta Almirante with her daughter Giuliana De’ Medici in a photo of November 9, 2013 during the demonstration for the Rebirth of the National Alliance (Benvegnù Guaitoli)

Donna Assunta in front of her husband’s portrait at the San Babila Theater in Milan, on March 6, 2011, to commemorate the founder of MSI (Ansa)


Donna Assunta in a photo with Gianfranco Fini, the “dolphin” to whom Giorgio Almirante entrusted the Italian social movement before he died. Donna Assunta declared against the change in Fiuggi of Fini (Imagoeconomica),

Donna Almirante, Franco Servello (center) and Gianfranco Fini at the conference for the Giorgio Almirante foundation in 1997 (Ansa)

Donna Assunta with Francesco Storace (Imagoeconomics)

Disappointed by Fini’s choice, Donna Assunta always remained close to Francesco Storace (Imagoeconomica)

Donna Assunta with Francesco Storace in a photo from 2003 (Ansa)

Donna Assunta with Francesco Storace (Ansa)

Donna Assunta with Francesco Storace (Imagoeconomics)

Donna Assunta with Francesco Storace (Imagoeconomics)

In a photo of January 23, 2010, Assunta Almirante, the secretary of La Destra Fancesco Storace with Renata Polverini, then nominated for the presidency of the Lazio region for the PDL (LaPresse)

The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, greets Donna Assunta (Imagoeconomica)

A warm hug between Donna Assunta and Daniela Santanchè (Imagoeconomica)

The handshake between Silvio Berlusconi and Donna Assunta: the widow Almirante has always been outspokenly skeptical of Berlusconi (Imagoeconomica)

Donna Assunta and Silvio Berlusconi in a photo from 2010 (Imagoeconomica)

Donna Assunta Almirante with Gianni De Michelis (Imagoeconomica)

Assunta Almirante with Maurizio Gasparri in a photo from 2002 (photo


The then mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno with Donna Assunta Almirante in 2008 at the presentation of the parliamentary speeches of the Missino leader Giorgio Almirante (photo Ansa)

Donna Assunta Almirante and Massimo D’ Alema at the presentation of Antonio Pennacchi’s book ‘ ‘Il Fasciocomunista’ ‘in 2003 (Ansa)

Assunta Almirante Angela Tatarella (Imagoeconomica)

A portrait of Donna Assunta Almirante (Imagoeconomica)

A portrait of Donna Assunta Almirante (Imagoeconomica)

A portrait of Donna Assunta Almirante (Ansa)

A portrait of Donna Assunta Almirante (Imagoeconomica)

Source: Corriere

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