On Monday, May 30, the G27 agreed to an embargo that cut Russian oil imports by more than two-thirds. This figure even reaches 90%, taking into account the refusal of Germany and Poland to supply through the pipeline. But in order to overcome Hungary’s reluctance, the main obstacle to an agreement among member states, the EU conceded “exclusive mode” in Budapest, says Nepshava.

In this case “overland pipeline supplies” unaffected by the European embargo, and “in the event of a sudden cessation of supply” thanks to the Druzhba pipeline coming from Ukraine, Budapest will always be able to receive Russian oil coming from the Adriatic, the opposition publication points out.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was quick to announce the good news in a video posted on Facebook. “We have defended the energy price structure! […] Families can sleep peacefully tonight”“, the message says.

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