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Cristiano Ronaldo: the split with United and the rumors of his landing at Barcelona

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It starts again. Today as a year ago: Cristiano Ronaldo think you want to change. And he does so without saying a word, but with facts that weigh like boulders to someone like him. Just a short report: the season is over Manchester United it’s not what he expected. He started at Juventus last August with a slogan: “I’ll be back home”. Number 7 jersey, lots of expectations. But it didn’t go so well. Of Solskjaer for and with Rank Nick then Cristiano struggled to find the right feeling. He becomes stubborn, tries to engrave but is less successful than he would like (and could). In absolute terms, there are never few goals: 18 in 30 Premier League games; 6 in 7 Champions League matches. But when we think about Ronaldo, something always clashes: during the championship he did not score 5 times in a row, and even this season he sometimes played more for himself than for the team. In short, nice to see, but not always. And when you add that Manchester didn’t make it to the Champions League in the end, things get even more complicated.

Cristiano’s Doubts

Today, just like a year ago, Ronaldo does not have a smile on his face. Think, think: he would still want to be the protagonist within a team that also sees a protagonist outside the championship. He no longer believed in the Juventus project, he no longer believed in Manchester’s. And the proof came immediately: he didn’t show up on the first day of training for the team of Ten Hag Officially for family reasons. But that same afternoon, he was seen in the training center of the Portuguese national team. As if to say, “I’m fine and I’m available to anyone who wants me.”

Where will it go?

But who wants it? The rumors are many. The validity of the same, everything must be verified. A few weeks ago, the voice he saw was echoing persistently Romefrom Portuguese Tiago pinto And Mourinho Denial. Then, a few days ago, Naples He was also refused. And if the suggestion Sporty
Lisbon stays alive (for him it would be another homecoming), which was launched by several Spanish newspapers, which see him in conversation with the Barcelona That yes, a sensational negotiation. From the point of view of the cost of the card, the operation would also be sustainable (last year 15 million euros plus 8 bonuses were paid to Juve); more complex is the issue related to engagement, which always revolves around the EUR 30 million net A figure that threatens to fall outside the reach of the Blaugrana, which is grappling with a major spending overhaul. Sure, we’ll be talking about him again this summer. Less than before, perhaps; especially after two seasons in which he shone more as a single player than within a group. The relaunch has started again: a year later we start again from scratch.

Source: Corriere

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