Juantorena fights for life: Covid and dengue. He won 400 and 800 at the 1976 Olympics

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Alberto Juantorena fight for life. The Cuban, the only one who can win two gold coins in the 400 and 800 at the same Olympics (Montreal 1976), nicknamed “Caballo”, horse, turns 72 in November and has been in the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine in Havana since Saturday with two different pathologies.

According to what he reports Grandmathe official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, has the dengue feveran infectious disease transmitted by an Aedes mosquito bite and also known as “bone-breaking fever,” as well as apbacterial holmonitis, one of the consequences of postcovid syndrome. According to the Cuban newspaper, he is mechanically assisted to breathe and his condition improves in terms of both cardiac functions and bleeding that is not better defined. His condition is defined as critical but stable.

According to many, he is the most athlete in Cuban history, and there is also a documentary dedicated to him, Running for the revolutionavailable on iTunes and Amazon, directed by Mark Craig.

Juantorena talks about it as a promising young basketball player sports in Cuba and its central place in the education system (on the island, physical activity is primarily a means of instilling moral principles such as discipline and sacrifice in young people). His successes, as he has repeatedly stated, are an expression of a social contextthat is why in the film he blames the Cuban athletes who flee the island, contrasting his example with that of the great boxer Teofilo Stevenson. “I wouldn’t leave Cuba for all the money in the world” he repeated repeatedly, explaining that “athletes like me or Teofilo distinguish themselves from athletes leaving Cuba is that we are guided by loyalty and gratitude, they by money”.

Source: Corriere

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