Letizia Paternoster after the fall at 50 per hour: she does not remember anything about the accident, she is operated on in Italy

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The fear is over. Letizia Paternoster, world champion in the elimination race of track cycling, suffered many serious accidents in her career, but the one on Saturday evening in Munich, which froze the audience of the Munich Messe, luckily he doesn’t remember. When he winds up the ribbon of the race, he will see that his fall was caused in part by his change of direction, but mainly by the investment of Poland’s Lorkowska which crashed into the crystal barrier and crushed her. «I try to smile and think about the big goals I have in front of me – he writes in the morning Instagram the blue champion – I broke my collarbone in three parts and I had a head injury … I’ll be back soon. Thanks for all your messages! ».

Operation in Italy

The latest medical bulletin, edited by Dr. Angelucci of the Federciclismo at 12 noon on Sunday, explains that “the athlete’s clinical condition (admitted to Munich Klinik Bogenhausen, ed) they are constantly improving with progressive recovery from the emotional head injury. The medical staff of the national team, in consultation with the athlete, the family and the team (Trek-Segafredo), organizes Letizia’s return to Italy to undergo surgery for the synthesis of the fracture of the collarbone ».

Past fear

The great initial fear – that the head injury was more extensive and there were spinal injuries – is over, the season may be over (the goal was the World Cup in Paris in the fall, recovering in two months is difficult but not impossible) but Letizia will be back to to run.

third accident

In 2018, the policewoman from Trentino had a similar incident at the World Cup, in Berlin: even in that case a tamponade and a head wound, but from the bone point of view Letizia got away with a simple bruise of a rib. Very much the one in the Roubaix cycling track three years ago, when he fell during training with splinters from the parquet in his back. But even then, Paternoster got up and started winning again.

Source: Corriere

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