European Swimming Championships, showing today’s races and results: waiting for the 4×100 style

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The fourth day at the European Swimming Championships in Rome, after the gold medals of Gregorio Paltrinieri in the 800 style and Benedetta Pilato in the 100 breaststroke, and the world record in the 100 style of Popovici, begins with the silver of Silvia Scalia in the 50 backstroke, coached by Matteo Giunta, the former coach and future husband of Pellegrini: he did not repeat the semifinals, but the 27”53 is more than enough to take the medal behind the French Pigree and ahead of the Dutch De Worth.

The evening continues with the godmother Federica Pellegrinme who will reward the winner of his 200 style, where, however, there is no blue, and then the Foro Italico is ready to ignite for the men in 4×100 style, led by Miressi and Ceccon, bronze at the World Cup and silver in Tokyo. In battery, Italy (with Bori, Megli, Deplano, Frigo) won the final with the second fastest time (3’15”00) behind Hungary in 3’14”62. He continues his work Thomas Ceccono who won the 50 backstroke final with the second overall time of 24”69 behind the Greek Christou (“But I wasn’t very good,” says Ceccon); forward also the son of art Michele Lambertic 24”82 (“Tomorrow I have a job, so a chance”, Michele’s ghost). And Simona Quadarella is gearing up for her 1500s tomorrow, where she arrives with the best time: one more small step on her way to the treble.

Synchronized Swimming: Giorgio Minisini continues his collection of gold, who in the only free practice (as the coach of the other day introduced a novelty at these World Championships) puts his third scalp around his neck. “Beyond the dream”, he says beaming. Silver for Linda Cerruti in the free solo and for the team in the combined free practice.

Where to watch the races on TV

All races will be shown live on free-to-air TV on Rai: the batteries on Raisport, the afternoon finals on RaiDue. Stream on Rai Play. All races are also broadcast by Sky Sport.

All results from yesterday 13 August: the program

Today’s program and results

Swimming batteries: 9-12

200 freestyle U

1. Milak 1’46” 27
2. Popovici 1’46” 87
4. Marco De Tullio 1’47 ” 07 advanced to the semi-finals
6. Stefano Di Cola 1’47”49 advanced to the semifinals
17. Filippo Megli 1’48 ” 40 Off
100 butterfly D

1. Hansson (Sve) 57”46
4. Elena Di Liddo 58”43 advanced to the semi-finals
5. Ilaria Bianchi 58”46 advanced to the semi-finals
7. Costanza Cocconcelli eliminated 58”89 (because only two passes per country)
Antonella Crispino 59” 80
50 back U

1. Thomas Ceccon 24”69
5. Michele Lamberti 24”88 qualified in the semi-finals
7. Simone Stefanì 24” 97 eliminated (because only two passes per country)
11. Lorenzo Mora 25”18 eliminated (because only two passes per country)
200 frog D

1. Mamie (Svi) 2’24”12
2. Francesca Fangio 2’24”76 advanced to the semifinals
3. Martina Carraro 2’26”02 advanced to the semi-finals
15. Arianna Castiglioni 2’28”95 eliminated (because only two passes per country)
18. Lisa Angiolini 2’29” 21 Off
4×100 freestyle U

1. Hungary 3’14”62
2. Italy 3’15”00 qualified for the final
(Bori, Megli, Deplano, Frigo)
3. Great Britain 3’15”02
1500 freestyle D

1. Simona Quadarella 16’05”61 qualified for the final
4. Martina Caramignoli 16’24”84 qualified for the final

Semi-finals and finals

From 18 semi-finals and finals
100 butterfly U final

1. Milak (Ung) 50”33
2. Bridges (Svi) 50”87
3. Majerski (Pol) 51”22
6. Matteo Rivolta 51”68
50 back D final

1. Pig (Fra) 27”27
2. Silvia Scalia 27”53
3. De Waard (Ola) 27”54
Semifinals 200 freestyle U

1. Popovici 1’44”91
3. The Tullio 1’45”70
5. Di Cola 1’46” 41

100 butterfly D semifinal

1. Wattle (Fra) 56” 99
5. Ilaria Bianchi 58”21 qualified for the final
10. Elena Di Liddo
58” 68 eliminated

50 back U semifinal

1. Christou (Gre) 24”48
2. Ceccon 24” 65
5. Lamberti 24”82

200 breaststroke D semifinal

1. Martina Carraro 2’23”73 qualified for the final
Francesca Fangio 2’25”55 qualified for the final
200 breaststroke U final

1. Wilby (Eng) 2’08”96
2. Matsson (Fin) 2’09”40
3. Luca Pizzini 2’09”97
200 D freestyle final

2. Bonnet (Fra)
no Italian
4×100 freestyle U

Synchronized Swimming

Final from 9.30am Live on Raiplay and Sky
Only free D

1. Fiedina (Ucr) 94,000 points
2. Linda Cerruti 91,300
3. Platanioti (Gre) 91.0667
Only free U

1. Giorgio Minisini
88.4667 points
2. Diaz Del Rio (Spa) 83.3333
3. Rakotomalala (Fra) 78,000

Final from 3 p.m. Live on Raidue and Sky
Free combination

1. Ukraine 95.2000
2. Italy 92.6667
(Cavanna, Cerruti, Di Camillo, Ferro, Galli, Iacoacci, Murru, Piccoli, Sala, Zunino)
3. Greece 89.4000

Source: Corriere

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