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European Swimming Championships, showing today’s races and results: Greg is back, Quadarella is waiting

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Italy has achieved 26 medals and always leads the medal table undisturbed: after the gold in the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay (to which was added Giorgio Minisini’s third personal solo in the free solo), the silver of Silvia Scalia and the bronze of Luca Pizzini, on August 15, is hoping to celebrate with Simona Quadarella who, after the 800s, also wants to make her 1500s. Thomas Ceccono he will try it in the 50 backstroke (he has already won the 50 butterfly and is of course part of the 4×100 relay). Gregorio Paltrinieri, Domenico Acerenza and Luca De Tullio start in the batteries of the 1500s, and in the 50 frogs Tete Martinenghi enters the tank.

Where to watch the races on TV

All races will be shown live on free-to-air TV on Rai: the batteries on Raisport, the afternoon finals on RaiDue. Stream on Rai Play. All races are also broadcast by Sky Sport.

All results from yesterday 14 August: the program

Today’s program and results

Swimming batteries 9-12 Rai Sport and Sky

50 freestyle D

1. Shustroum (Sve) 24”50
2. Wasick 24 “61”
3. Van Roon (Ola) 24”86”
4. Silvia Di Pietro (Ita) 24″ 87 (qualified)
11. Chiara Tarantino 25″ 28 (qualified)
14. Costanza Cocconcelli 25″ 37 (not qualified for 2 swimmers per country)
50 frog U

1. Nicolò Martinenghi 26 “71 (qualified)
2. Simone Cerasuolo 26″85 (qualified)
3. Fabio Scozzoli 26″ 89 (not qualified due to a limit of 2 swimmers per country)
4. Federico Poggio 27 “07 (not qualified due to a limit of 2 swimmers per country)
100 back D

Margherita Panziera
Silvia Scalia
Federica Toma
200 butterfly U

Federico Burdisso
Giacomo Carinic
Claudio Antonio Faraci
Alberto Razzetti
200 mixed D

Sara Francesch
Francesca Freesia
4×100 mixed freestyle

1500 free style U

Gregorio Paltrinieric
Domenico Acerenza
Luca De Tullio

Semi-finals and finals

From 18:00 Live on Rai Sport + HD and Sky
100 butterfly D

Ilaria Bianchi
200 freestyle U

Marco De Tullio
Stefano Di Cola
200 frog D

Martina Carraro
Francesca Fangio
100 back D semifinal

50 breaststroke U semifinal

Semi-final 50 D freestyle
200 butterfly U semifinal
200 mixed D semifinals
50 back U

Michele Lambertic
Thomas Ceccono
1500 freestyle D

Simona Quadarella
Martina Caramignoli
4×100 mixed freestyle

Synchronized Swimming

From 9.30 am final Live on Raiplay and Sky

Last technical duo

Linda Cerruti and Costanza Ferro
Last technical mixed duo

Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero
from 15.00 Final Live on Raidue and Sky

Free team

Italy (Cavanna, Cerruti, Di Camillo, Ferro, Galli, Iacoacci, Zunino, Piccoli)

To dive

From 13.00 Live Rai Sport + HD and Sky

Mixed Final Team Event with Eduard Timbretti, Sarah Jodoin Di Maria, Andreas Larsen and Chiara Pellacani

Source: Corriere

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