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Milan won easier; Mou and Sarri, spectacular rivalry. Juve confused

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They have Won all favorites so far, but Milan with an added convenience. Not a great find. At the beginning of the season all teams are mentally freethey have the full power of themselves. It’s time to find the differences.

Today the little ones don’t know they are yet, they play as if they have the universe wide open. The first game said that the difference is already noticeable. The regularity of so many uncertain outcomes is due to this underlying reality that permeates immediately. Because it is so much, it furthers the logic of football itself, because of the difference in wealth now well divided into portions.

A strange phenomenon during the day was the acceptance of Lazio and Rome as direct opponents. Sarri says that if Mourinho finishes second, he has failed. Mourinho replies that Roma have only spent seven million on the market at 39. It is never so easy to accept yourself. Pioli and Inzaghi never had a fight.

Everyone has explored their own territory. This qualitative jump stands for the detection of diversity, the somewhat hairy recognition of the opponent. Rome and Lazio play the same league and they chase each other. It’s not just a lazy flag, it is a profound intellectual novelty. It means having the first challenge, the most internal, the most wild. Synonymous with conscience, with no will to escape. We shall see. But the start is already spectacular.

It means that the race consists of internal orbits, the visceral and mysterious orbits, however, married, do not flee. Synonymous with strength or anger, definitely a show. Juventus and Napoli start tonight. Everyone talks about the new Juve, none of the new Sassuolo who no longer has Scamacca and Traore lost to injury, plus Raspadori in the throwline.

Juve has been a bit confusing so far. His real novelty is money, having to take into account what he wants and what he can do. if you take Di Maria for a season and Pogba for 4, on the one hand you made a mistake. Two opposing philosophies are not disputed. A director was missing and is still missing. What is overlooked is Vlahovic. If he is one like the others, the joker is discarded. The difference must come from him. The big striker is in the autonomous rule. But when you think of Juve, you always think of a team to bring them balls. It’s not. The great striker realizes what he finds, he invents in a short time, he is a war father, he transforms what is into food.

Source: Corriere

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