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‘I would have done the same’: Joshua on Usyk’s decision to join the defence

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Briton believes that the decision of the Ukrainian boxer deserves respect and respects his act.

British boxer Anthony Joshua said that he respected the decision of Ukrainian athlete Oleksandr Usyk to join the ranks of territorial defense against the backdrop of a full-scale invasion of Russian troops. Mirror is writing about it.

“If it were me, my country at war would definitely have had an impact, and I don’t know if it’s going to be a positive or a negative thing,” he said.

The Briton added that he felt sorry for the civilians affected by the Russian occupation. According to Joshua, Usyk is “just trying to protect those he loves” in this situation.

“That’s why I respect him. I would do the same, not as a boxer or a fighter, but as an ordinary person. People decided not to leave and to keep their non-military home. I respect what he did,” said the boxer.

According to the athlete, he and his team were looking for suitable dates for the fight with Usyk.

I didn’t want us to say, ‘This is the date that has to happen,’ I wanted us to work together. This is how we show empathy. He wanted to race and defend the belts, scheduled around June 11th, then that turned into his causes and Saudi Arabia’s causes. But I think it worked for everyone in the long run,” said Joshua.

Recall that Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk bought the broadcast rights to the rematch with Briton Anthony Joshua, which will take place on August 20. Ukrainians will be able to watch the fight for free.

We also wrote about how the opponents held an opinion battle in June.

Source: Riafan

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