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Pique paparazzi with the new girlfriend after the end of the story with Shakira

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The Spanish footballer was caught in the company of Clara Chia Martì, a 23-year-old employed by his own production studio. The photos infuriated Shakira. Apparently Piqué has violated an agreement

Gerard Pique is back on the pitch, at least in the sentimental. In fact, he seems to have a new girlfriend, according to the gossip program Socialité that showed on the Spanish channel Telecinco how the Barcelona defender kissed 23-year-old Clara Chia Martì. The girl is an employee of Kosmos Estudios, a production studio owned by the player. The images can only go around the world and shake up the international gossip news, especially since they come a few months after the end of Pique’s relationship with Shakira, mother of his two children, Milan and Sasha. There are rumors of an enraged Shakira because, according to the Mirror’s sources close to the Colombian singer’s family, “there was a clear agreement between the two” not to appear in public with the new partners for at least a year to make their own. protect children, who are already upset by the breakup of their parents after 12 years. Relations had already been tarnished by the discovery of his betrayal and various economic difficulties.

Who is Clara Chia Martì, Pique’s girlfriend?

But who is Pique’s alleged new girlfriend? Clara Chia Martì is 23 years old (12 less than the Spanish footballer) and studies business communication and advertising at a university in Barcelona. He worked in a bar to support his studies, a profession he left after entering the footballer’s production studio as an intern. There they would meet. Since the rumor of their story has spread, Chiara has canceled her social accounts and prefers to stay out of the limelight. We’ll see how long it will take.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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