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Linda Cerruti victim of sexist comments after photos with medals won: “Shameful”

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Synchronette posted on social media an acrobatic photo of her with the 8 medals she won at the European Championships, which was the subject of vulgar comments and infuriated her: “Shameful, it hurts the heart”

The photo shows one of the acrobatic poses that the synchrone uses in the choreographies that anticipate entering the water. In the shot, his muscular and elongated legs hang the 8 medals (6 silver and 2 bronze) won at the last European Championships. On the sideline of the post the caption: “After a week I look at my medals with infinite pleasure”. The image sparked sexist and vulgar comments, prompting the Blue’s response. “Like every year, after months and months of sacrifices, the week has come when I lift my head out of the water and breathe – he wrote on Instagram -. Two days ago I shared a photo taken on the beach where I have always been, where I cultivated my first dreams and which for me also has a strong symbolic value.The photo shows me in an artistic pose, typical of my sport, upside down and split, together with the eight medals won in what is the best European Championship of my career is.” The athlete said at the time that she was “stunned and disgusted by the hundreds, probably thousands, of inappropriate, sexist and vulgar comments that accompany him”. talk about?” Linda wondered.

Cerruti considers taking legal action

Born in 1993, from Genoa, Linda Cerruti has conquered the scene in synchronized swimming at the last exceptional European Championships held in Rome and triumphed for the blue colors. A force of nature in and out of the water, given what has happened in recent hours. “I want to get the message across that it’s not good to be silent in these situations. In my little way, with my post, I’m not changing the world, but if everyone does something in their own little way, sooner or later this social dynamics end. that it will become normal, on the agenda, for famous athletes and personalities of the entertainment world “said Synchronette in an interview with Repubblica, announcing complaints for the most intense comments received on Instagram for her photo with the eight medals . “It really hurts my heart – he added – to read these hordes of people who make jokes that sexualize my body”.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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