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The latest from Icardi and Wanda: they set fire to old furniture and make fire

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There is never peace around us Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, now at Galatasaray on loan from PSG. As reported by the Argentine TV show LAM (Los Angeles de la Manana)the two would have been d

pronunciations from their neighbors for trying to burn old furniture with a bonfire in their mansion

, located on Lake Como. And the mother of the wife of the former Inter captain, Nora Colosimo, who lives in Italy, also appears to be involved in this affair. A police patrol and a fire team also arrived to extinguish the flames: “They had old furniture. What are you doing? You give them, you sell them, you give them to someone to take away. No, they said “let’s get rid of the furniture” in the middle of Lake Como

, one of the richest places on planet Earth. They decided to make a fire, set them on fire and immediately huge smoke broke out.

They called the fire brigade and the police. The neighbors told us first hand. everything has gone wrong, the fire started to grow uncontrollably and a large number of firefighters arrived and to extinguish it. They said they would never do it again,” the television broadcast’s story. The replica of Wanda Nara’s mother, published on social media, was not long in coming: «I don’t think it’s new that the press adds, invents and mentions. But I’ll let them keep lying, it’s their way of making a living. I will not leave them without work. What job! What will they make up about me tomorrow?No comment instead from Istanbul by Icardi and his wife.

Source: Corriere

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