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Gymnastics, the prosecutor: “In Desio there is no element for litigation”

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«During these two days I had the opportunity to listen to athletes, technicians and staff of the International Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics. For now, though, it’s fact-finding and I’ve listened to everyone. After acquiring numerous useful elements, my work at Desio has ended for the time being. We are still in the phase of understanding and at the moment I have not found any elements to proceed with a dispute”. Michael Rossettifederal prosecutor’s office at the end of the hearings in the Academy Desio.

“In the coming days I will continue with further research to confirm the presumed elements by listening to all people who can clarify the reports of the two former butterflies from the newspapers. I would also like to add that, with the same timeliness and rigor, we are also going to investigate other reports that have emerged in recent days that do not relate to the Desio academy, but to sports clubs in other parts of Italy . However, nobody has ever talked about physical violence, it’s a matter of finding out what the real training and teaching methods are ». According to Rossetti, “The boundaries of educational methods are by their very nature in constant evolution to improve the well-being of the athletes. Long before the investigation began, Federginnastica was the first Italian federation to create the Safeguarding Officer with more protection, in fact for everyone who circles not only in federations but also in related structures. I hope to complete the investigation within a month. The activity continues in Desio, as already mentioned in recent days by Commissioner Peroni».


Source: Corriere

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