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The pilot’s dinner, Salt Bae’s mail. How did the hoax of 160 thousand euros come about?

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“An unforgettable evening, we all went to celebrate Seb’s extraordinary career”. So says Lewis Hamiltonyesterday along with the other 19 F1 drivers – a very rare fact that everyone, really everyone was present – at Vettel’s farewell dinner, at the last F1 race this weekend in Abu Dhabi.

It was precisely the seven-time Mercedes world champion who organized it to pay tribute to a rival with whom he shared years of battles on the track. From Leclerc to Norris, from Verstappen to Russell, everyone posted videos and stories about the table. “Funny,” said Charles. Lewis would eventually foot the bill.

Behind the evening there is a little yellow, because on the night from Thursday to Friday, a photo of a receipt with an astronomical account began to circulate on social networks: 161 thousand euros, the cost of a house divided by 20 would be 8,500 per person. And speculation began on social media that the receipt referred to the F1 dinner, due to the fact that it was consumed in Abu Dhabi. To post the receipt, not without malice, was the bill of Salty Bae, the former Turkish butcher has become famous for his ultra-luxury restaurant chain where he serves steaks covered in edible gold. The message was captioned, “Quality is never expensive.” But he was referring to another dinner, the F1 drivers actually ate at a restaurant in one of the most luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi. Not in his.

The bill of 160 thousand euros

It was enough to read the receipt to understand that something was wrong: twenty drivers, subject to a very strict diet, who, before getting behind the wheel for the last race of the season at Yas Marina, order meat at will, but especially endless alcohol. Such as two bottles of Petrus 2009 Luigi XIII (26,000 euros each), another 5 from another Petrus label (total: 85,000 euros), a Chateau Margaux (407 euros), and an open bar of spirits for 11,000 euros plus a few beers , Negronis and other cocktails. And then that receipt said 14 guests. Nabobs who if they had divided “alla Romana” each would have paid 11,500 euros. In short, in the end, Salt Bae skillfully exploited the misunderstanding to advertise itself.

Source: Corriere

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