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Italy beat Austria 2-0. Restrained Azzurri: Mancini’s changes are not enough

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It rumbles outside the melancholy voice of Toto Cutugnoit’s the stereos of the street vendors roasting and looping sausages «The Italian» hoping to bind the few fans to the release: the perfect soundtrack of a blue night of penancewhere, however, only the Austrians sing, with our emigrants who go home with eyes full of melancholy. It ended the way it shouldn’t have, this useless frozen friend that we deserved because of the world elimination: we conceded two goals in half an hour and we never came back, if not sterile, in the final. Two steps behind Albania. Mancini was also disappointed: «It’s a pity, we suffered too much and made too many mistakes. The 3-4-3? Not really good.” It is the fourth defeat in 2022: only in 2012 and 2002 we had lost more, five. A fact that speaks volumes.

Austria (34th place in the Fifa ranking) is not Albania (66th): Also for this time, the coach had chosen to focus on several European champions, sending Donnarumma, Bonucci, Barella, Verratti onto the field. The strategy of renewal cannot be touched, it is the future, but you need experience not to end the year with a defeat.

But it’s really bigPSG director to foul up the Austrian advantage: Schlager blows the ball to him, perhaps committing a foul, the fact is that the Bolognese Arnautovic counterattacks and then reserves his own Schlager, who makes no mistakes from four steps. Blue fury, but the German referee Dingert goes straight on, also because there is no Var. THE
L goal is a blow, the midfield gets confused, even behind. Rangnick’s plan

, the Milanist obsession of a few years ago that has remained the same, it is clear: very high aggression and vertical play. After a effort of Adamucomes the doubled on a free kick from 30 yards from Alaba: Donnarumma bad, on the 50th in blue. The four substitutions during the break do not change muchends with the «olè» of the Austrians, who, like us, will see the World Cup on TV, but who have closed 2022 with a different spirit.

Reset now. There’s a whole winter to try to cauterize the deep wound, then we will start the qualifications for the European Championship 2024 in Germany in March. Group C, ours, looks like a psychoanalysis session: England, North Macedonia, Ukraine and Malta. A bittersweet trip to the pastto face their ghosts and restore the future.

Source: Corriere

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