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Qatar is helping the Iranian regime silence the opposition. And even in the championship

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Qatar has provided the Iranian regime with a list of Iranian citizens who have purchased tickets for the FIFA World Cup. This comes from a six-minute recording leaked on November 15, where Iran’s Revolutionary Guards General Qasim Kurajshi had fun with a reporter from the state news agency Fars. The general said in an interview that at least five hundred tickets were purchased by known opponents of the Iranian regime.

The recording was obtained by the hacker group Black Reward, who first shared it with the Iran International agency, then posted it on the Telegram channel.

A Persian employee asked the general if Iran’s secret services had asked the Qataris to cancel the tickets of those who supported the protests. “Qatar is taking care of us in two ways, one is the positive response they promised. But often they don’t quite do that and they say to us, ‘Give us the names and we’ll figure it out’.”

The general later complained that Qatar had promised to ban the media demanded by Tehran, but had not taken action against the Iranian International. The media itself reported that although Qatar had granted its correspondents accreditation, it was canceled in mid-November without any explanation.

Voices of Iranian women on the Newslist

Read the statements of a participant in the Iranian protests and a journalist from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

According to the general, Qatar also pledged to control the audience in the auditorium and not allow them to hang flags other than the official flags of the Islamic Republic. This is really happening in the stadiums, the organizers really took action against some fans with the slogans “Women, life, freedom”.

Despite this, the slogan associated with the current wave of anti-regime protests could be seen in the stadiums.

Four hours to the police over a revolutionary T-shirt

Fan Sajjíd Kamalinia, who was arrested by the Qatari police along with a group of friends, testified on Twitter on Friday that the organizers of the Qatar World Cup were cooperating with the Iranians. Fans were found guilty of walking around the city in “Woman, Life, Freedom” T-shirts.

“A black day for football fans and FIFA. “We just got out of the police station 4 hours after the end of the match, 3 of our friends are still in captivity,” he said.

In his post, he also posted a photo of a group of six people posing in front of the stadium just before the start of the Iranian national team’s match, with the slogan of the revolution and the Iranian flag on their T-shirts.

Kamalinia admitted that the police did not use violence against them, but she also compared her actions to people wearing revolutionary T-shirts as someone with a ticking time bomb. “The next day I went to the France v Denmark game in the same outfit and walked like a prince. Do you still think the Islamic Republic isn’t running it?” one fan asks readers on Twitter.

While host country Qatar apparently flatters Iran’s theocratic regime, whose security forces have killed at least 400 people since the killing of Mahsa Aminiya, US football officials have decided to “support Iranian female human rights activists” by removing the Iranian flag from their social media accounts. . Symbol of the Islamic Republic. The Iranians have filed a complaint with FIFA about this, as the BBC reported.

“This is unprofessional, the US Football Federation’s Instagram page has removed the symbol of Allah from the Iranian flag,” Iranian news agency IRNA said.

Later, the spokesperson of the American Federation announced that the posts with the missing Iranian flag were removed, but the Federation continued to support Iranian women.

Source: Seznam Zpravy

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