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Vinicius, Gavi and the other youngsters shine. Belgian mental health retirees, on the other hand, are boring

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It’s fun to watch them enjoy football, they are the lifeblood of tournaments. Many want Messi or Ronaldo in the championship, but the Water Bearers have targeted fighters born after 2000. If they don’t win this World Cup, they will definitely win the next one.

You can’t miss the “young guns” in Qatar, the imaginary sky above the emirate lit up with a series of stars. For example, 19-year-old midfielder Jamal Musiala is responsible but also creative in the German game, dictated by Spanish game midfielders Gavi (18) and Pedri (20), experienced Busquets and dynamic wingers Vinicius. Junior (22) is now intimidating opponents for Brazil with teammate Richarlison ) and Rodrygo (21).

Luděk Mádl, Seznam Zpráv’s football expert, said: “Real Madrid did a fantastic job years ago in Brazil selecting and training these two young men to perfection.”

And Jaromír Bosák spoke up. “We can recognize that a number of young players are playing a very important role in their team at this WC. I see this as a guarantee that I can look forward to the next championship because in the next 4 years most of these players will mature a little bit more and get better at the game.” Nosiči vody podcast.

The weapon of millennials? calmness and confidence

Perhaps the trio in the studio was most impressed by the performances of German Jamal Musiala. “I feel like I’m watching a football player from another era of football. From the days when technical players used to dribble around the field for a long time. Musiala does it very gracefully, he thinks great in the game and is extremely calm for his age when he has the ball. It’s also a factor that unites young stars at this World Cup.Remember how cool-headed Vinicius Junior was when he single-handedly attacked the goalkeeper, for example,” admires Karel Tvaroh, who until recently was also a professional football player.

What made such a strong generation of millennials mature? The more developed a football country is, the more systematically young people are trained, the more courage and self-confidence to play, which reflects positively on the pitch.

“Players like these are naturally more letting themselves go, individual mistakes don’t bother them too much. They don’t panic when they lose the bubble. And they hit it again. 19-year-old British international Jude Bellingham comes to mind. He didn’t play well against the USA, his actions are not as frequent as before. It didn’t happen. But that’s why I didn’t see any sign of him hiding on the pitch. Not at all, on the contrary. He was constantly jumping for the ball even between the centre-backs, wanting to continue creating the game and helping the team,” adds Jaromír Bosák.

Timing a young star’s right entry into the league, cup, or even the national team scene is like alchemy. The water carriers also offered an example of the fiery Czech talent of recent years, which failed to take the pressure and fell. You will hear it in the new episode.

Compared to the promising youngsters, some teams were a bit more like the march of retirees on the field. “Maybe it’s not about age in the Belgians, it’s about a certain mental exhaustion, these fighters have already played their part and this team can’t squeeze more than themselves,” Jaromír Bosák complained. “The matches of some teams can be broadcast on the retirees ČT3 channel,” said Mádl.

The final episode of the football podcast is also devoted to the planned expansion of the World Cup, which will be expanded by 16 national teams in the new format. What role can teams play in this, sometimes mistakenly placed in the role of outsiders? And why aren’t some hitherto underestimated teams, such as Saudi Arabia, only in the World Cup in numbers?

The old Shatterhand and the palace coup in Turin

When it comes to age, the Belgium national team is dealing with problems of the opposite nature. One of the championship’s oldest teams has so far exceeded expectations with their performances and results. The favorite Belgian’s bad form doesn’t seem to come as a surprise to their biggest star, Kevin De Bruyne, whose pessimistic statements and unsatisfying performances are discussed on the podcast.

Wondering which European coach reminds Luďek Mádl of the movie character of the jungler Old Shatterhand? And which foreigners do the Water Carriers consider the biggest surprise of the tournament? You won’t just hear it in the new podcast episode.

The water bearers dealt with the unexpected resignation of Pavel Nedvěd and Andrea Agnelli from the very beginning, who decided to step down from the leadership of Italian Juventus. What could be behind their decision and why did the big club of the Apennine Peninsula go into crisis?

The latest chapter also includes an analysis of Pavel Vrba’s unexpected arrival in the penultimate Zlín. What challenges is one of the most experienced and historically successful Czech coaches currently facing?

Listen to the Water Carriers and you will learn everything – play them in the player at the beginning of the article.

water carriers

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Source: Seznam Zpravy

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