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Dani Alves and the nights in jail He skips meals, doesn’t call his wife and offers 3 different versions

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Dani Alves is still in jail after his Friday morning arrest, in the sector reserved for pre-trial detainees. He spent two nights trying to defend himself against sexual harassment allegations
. The investigating judge did not validate the request for bail formulated by the defense because “there is the possibility of escape”, also in view of its economic possibilities. Alves has a double Brazilian and Spanish passport and in the event of a transfer to Brazil, Spain would not have an extradition agreement with the South American country. In addition, the footballer also has a residence in Mexico (despite Pumas firing him shortly after his arrest).

The first two nights in prison

The Spanish press reconstructs the first two nights of the Brazilian ex-Juventus player in the prison of Brians (40 km north of Barcelona). Brand And Sport they tell about a player who had a hearty dinner and was visited by a lawyer, a doctor and a psychologist. He was relatively calm, they write, but also emotionally exhausted and not very talkative. The Catalan newspaper The Vanguard adds that he wouldn’t even be able to make the call he was entitled to because he couldn’t remember anyone’s cell phone number off the top of his head. The detention should last a few more months, at least until the trial.

The three contradictory reconstructions

The exterior is said to have yielded three conflicting versions in an attempt to recreate what happened on the night of December 30-31 at Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. According to the victim, the player forced her to enter a bathroom that is located in a private room of the club. Dani Alves confirms he was there but only for a short time and denies the attack. However, the investigating judge believes his story contradicts the evidence gathered by the Mossos, who questioned several witnesses, including the nightclub’s security staff, collected several biological samples from the toilet where the violence allegedly took place and released the footage. of the security camera. This is reported by the Catalan channel news TV3
Dani Alves is said to have said in a first draft that she didn’t know the girl, then that she had seen her but nothing would have happened, and finally that she would have jumped on him..

The resignation of the Pumas

Immediately after the arrest, the unilateral termination of contract by the Pumas, the Mexico City club that had welcomed him in July. The president of the company Leopoldo Silva reiterated that Pumas is “an institution that promotes respect, integrity, dignity and professional behavior on and off the field of its players who must be a model in Mexico and around the world. We cannot allow that the behavior of any person undermines this work philosophy”.

Woman’s appeal

out of prison, his wife Joana Sanz continues to defend her husband against any accusation (“I know him, I know who he is”) e asks for her privacy to be respected, especially at a time like this when her husband was arrested a few days after her mother’s death: «I ask journalists outside the home to respect my privacy at this time. My mother passed away a week ago. I was just starting to think she left to avoid nagging about my husband’s situation. I have lost the two pillars of my life, have a little empathy, instead of looking for news in the pain of others.”

Source: Corriere

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