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Edwards defended his UFC title for the first time with a victory over Usman.

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The fighters met face-to-face for the second time in the ring. The victory was for the first time American warrior Usman.

According to Gazeta.ru, a British fighter of Jamaican descent Leon Edwards beat the american fighter Kamaru Osman At number 286 in the main fight of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) tournament.

Edwards defended the championship title for the first time in his sports career. The fight was held according to the five-round rule, and the final decision was in favor of Edwards – 48-46, 48-46, 47-47. This victory became the 21st in the career of the athlete. For a total of three defeats and one duel being declared void.

Usman spent 24 fights in his entire career as an athlete. He has only three defeats against Edwards, including this one. The warriors had met face-to-face twice before, but the first time the victory was for Osman. The second duel equalized the score of the fighters among themselves.

It was previously reported that he is an MMA fighter from Tajikistan. Mohammedali Saidov He died from an injury he received while training.

Source: Riafan

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