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Nine goals and an unsuccessful goalkeeper: how was the second match of the series between SKA and Torpedo?

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Nizhny Novgorod “Torpedo” again in the Western Conference semifinals of the Gagarin Cup playoffs St. Petersburg lost to SKA. this time the team Igor Larionov summed up the big mistakes in the defense and the poor execution of scoring chances. Nizhny Novgorod may wrap up its performance in the Gagarin Cup on Tuesday.

After the results of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) regular season, even before the series between the West’s first and fourth teams began, it was clear that the wards had a slight advantage. Roman Rotenberg. In the current version of the SKA, it cannot be said that there are many players with rich playing experience in the final stages of the Gagarin Cup playoffs. However, the difference in team class is huge for comparing hockey players by the number of titles in the KHL. Larionov, St. Before the second match in St. Petersburg, he decided not to change anything in the connections. Again at the door Ivan Kulbakovand forward Alexey Kruchinin was the center of the first three for Sergei Gonçaruk And Nikolay Kovalenko.

Nine goals and an unsuccessful goalkeeper: how was the second match of the series between SKA and Torpedo?

If we talk about the composition of the SKA for the second game, then everything has remained unchanged here too. Rotenberg finally stopped spinning links in the playoffs, and that immediately began to bear fruit. SKA played interestingly against Torpedo in terms of game strategy. From the stands it seemed that the Petersburgers deliberately gave the regional advantage to the guests. For example, let’s try to present us something that is not original. There are players on the torpedo team who like to puck in someone else’s territory, but often make positional mistakes as a result. targets Vasily Glotov And Mikhail Vorobyov It clearly showed the weaknesses of the torpedo. The surprise was that Nizhny Novgorod allowed Kulbakov to create a dangerous moment at their gates in the first game but in the third period Nikolai Prokhorkin realized his luck. But yesterday, Torpedo played so badly in defense that, according to rumors, fewer mistakes were made even in the whole series against Dynamo Moscow. Larionov resorted to psychology after the match.

SKA had full control of the enterprise. It looks like if Torpedo had scored five goals, the Army Men would have scored six and so on. Nizhny Novgorod has no margin of safety and this is very important when talking about teams competing for the Gagarin Cup. Actually the SKA also has many problems, but there is confidence that in the near future all the shortcomings will be corrected. In particular, “soldiers” don’t play well in a four-by-five format. The implementation of the majority is not only less than 20%, but the Petersburgers also managed to concede four goals, playing with a numerical advantage. Advanced SDG Marat Khairullin After the match, he paid tribute to Dynamo Minsk and Torpedo. The striker believes that the Petersburgers in the playoffs managed to delve into all the options for playing in the special teams of the Rotenberg team of their opponents.

An interesting moment occurred when the SKA goalkeeper faced the goalkeeper in the third period. Dmitry Nikolayev With a score of 5:4, he decided to play the trick he did in Tula last season. Speaking on behalf of the Russian national team, the goalkeeper broke into the empty nets of the Belarusian national team as part of an exhibition match. This time Nikolaev scored and missed. At the post-match press conference, Rotenberg made it clear that the SKA goalkeeper was still not worth the risk.

Yesterday, St. Petersburg had the opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses of both teams that have been talked about for the past seven months. Great game on offense, too many mistakes on defense. I personally want to set a great goal for everyone in this. Emil Galimov in the second term. Firstly, the striker fought to the end for the puck, and secondly, he was able to quickly adapt to the situation and raise the game bullet exactly under the crossbar of Kulbakov’s goal.

Nine goals and an unsuccessful goalkeeper: how was the second match of the series between SKA and Torpedo?

The next match between opponents will be played on March 20 in Nizhny Novgorod. “Torpedo” needs to get two wins at home, otherwise Larionova’s team has no chance to go further. SKA completed the task to the maximum and could complete the entire series in Nizhny Novgorod and start preparations for the main matches of the current KHL season.

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