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Following the incident of cheating at the LSBL match, the commission recommends strengthening the responsibility to adhere to fair play principles.

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basketball balls Photograph: LETA

Following a case of cheating in the bronze match of the Latvian Women’s Basketball League (LSBL), the coaching commission of the Latvian Basketball Association (LBS) is encouraging it to strengthen its commitment to abide by the principles of fair play, LBS reports.

The LSBL final four tournament took place last weekend, and the bronze game was marred by the dishonest behavior of “Jūrmala” head coach Andras Steļmah. In the match where “Jūrmala” defeated “Jelgavu” 65:57, the winning team took several penalty kicks by a player other than the violator.

On Friday, the LBS Coaches Commission acknowledged at a meeting that Stelmakhs had damaged his own reputation, team and basketball reputation by violating basketball rules and fair play principles during the game. In addition, the commission noted Stelmakh’s regret, apology and consequences for the game’s emotional actions, as well as the decision to suspend activity on the LBS Coaches Commission.

The Commission also found that such a situation in basketball matches is not unique, it is defined in the rules of the game and can be corrected during the game if all participants perform their duties professionally.

In addition, the commission called on everyone participating in basketball competitions and everyone involved in basketball processes to strengthen their responsibility to observe the principles of fair play by developing and approving the relevant documents.

Steļmahs is also the head coach of the Latvian U-18 women’s basketball team and an assistant in the “TTT Rīga” unit.

The second team of “Riga Stradiņa University” (RSU-2) became the LSBL champion by defeating “Ventspili” 95:70 in the decisive match.

Only teams playing in the Baltic Women’s Basketball League will compete for Latvian championship medals this year.

Source: Tv Net

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