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Deputy Zhurova spoke about additional payments to the pensions of trainers of the Olympic, Paralympic and Olympic champions of the Deaf.

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Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Olympic champion, two-time world champion in speed skating Svetlana Zhurova said FAN about the law introducing supplementary payments to the pensions of champions’ coaches.

Russian deputy Svetlana Zhurova spoke on her Telegram channel about the adoption by the State Duma of a law on additional payments to the pensions of coaches, whose wards managed to become champions of major tournaments. He was especially happy for the coaches of the Russian Paralympic athletes. The interlocutor of the fans explained what is special about this law.

“The bill was submitted a year ago and passed the first reading. But after that the proxy and I Mikhail Terentyev began to give signals of the need for addition. This was mainly at the request of Paralympic athletes, as their coaches were the first to be affected. This first version of the law specifically restricted them from receiving this supplement to their pension. Because in connection with the events that took place in the last two Olympics and Paralympics: The Paralympics never happened for us, we had very limited lists of PRCs we were allowed to include in the delegation,” he said. State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Unfortunately, it seemed that in the original version of the law, only coaches who were in the official delegation of the Olympic team could receive this surcharge, he explained.

Deputy Zhurova spoke about additional payments to the pensions of trainers of the Olympic, Paralympic and Olympic champions of the Deaf.

“However, you understand that not all coaches who train athletes go there, and unfortunately there are all kinds of political restrictions – usually we had a minimal number of coaches there. And we understood that this would be a great injustice: Not everyone who trained athletes would receive this additional payment. So Mikhail and I made such a statement, we made this change. Now the law has already been passed in the third reading without said restrictions. And then the Paralympic coaches were particularly worried, they were very impressed in that sense. But the law will come into effect already in 2024, and I think now everyone will quietly prepare documents for those who fall into the category of additional payments. Here, for example, my coach falls, and now he can take it, ”Svetlana Zhurova shared her joy.

The famous athlete and MP also clarified which specific coaches this innovation will affect, because of course, the champion has had more than one mentor throughout his sports career.

“Of course, this is not about those who have been training athletes since childhood. This concerns coaches recorded by the coach during the athlete’s performance in the tournament. This is one of the reasons why Mikhail Terentyev and I insisted on changes. Because the coach who travels as part of the official delegation does not always train all the athletes competing. In other words, someone may have become an Olympic champion and the coach, who is included in the national team, may not even have coached this athlete. And in law this moment sounded very vague. And we decided to clarify this – now it will appear in the law itself, and not be determined by statutes, ”the State Duma deputy concluded.

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Source: Riafan

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