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U20 World Cup, Nigeria captain club mystery

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He delivered an outstanding performance in his national team’s win against Italy and attracted the attention of several talent scouts. But the club he was supposed to play for, Yum Yum Fc, is not registered in the official documents of the African country’s football association.

His name is Daniel Bameyi, he plays (or would rather play) for Yum Yum Fc, and he is the captain of the Nigeria Under 20 national team that recently defeated Italy in the world cup category. The player, one of the best in the game against the “azzurrini”, aroused the interest of the various scout talents present at the event. It seems like the classic tale of a budding talent yet to be discovered, except a true yellow was unleashed on the 17-year-old Nigerian defender. In Nigeria, nobody actually knows about Yum Yum Fc, nor is the team registered in the official documents of the African country’s football federation. Nor does it appear on specialized sites after some searching on the net, nor can it be traced back to the club’s crest or registered players.

Doubts also about the age of the player

Doubts about Bameyi’s situation, as reported by several sports newspapers, including “TuttoSport”, had already arisen before the start of the Under-20 World Cup. Intrigued, the local newspaper “Own Goal Nigeria” had tried to understand before which club he really played the captain of the selection, however without coming to a conclusion. But that’s not all, because besides the mystery associated with Yum Yum Fc, according to the Nigerian media, there are also doubts about the real age of the footballer, also considering his specific football “parable”. In fact, an absolute carnead, the young footballer soon surpassed even more highly rated teammates in the hierarchy, becoming captain of the U20 and making his debut first with the U23 and even the senior national team.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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