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Former adviser of the Latvian national team calls the head of the IIHF an idiot

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Vladimir Krikunov Photograph: Raimonds Volonts, “Dynamo Riga”

Vladimirs Krikunovs, former adviser of the Latvian national hockey team and head coach of Riga “Dynamo”, called the head of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Likas Tārdifs an idiot.

Tardif had previously stated that not allowing the aggressor Russia and Belarus to participate in international competitions was not a political decision.

Krikunov, who reacted sharply to the words of the head of the IIHF, obviously did not like his statements.

“What is he talking about? Why is he lying so blatantly? It’s a purely political decision. This Tardif was ordered from above not to let us in, so he’d better shut up. For fools, look in the mirror. Nothing lasts forever under the moon. “In a year and a half, we’ll be playing against everybody in the world championship. There’s no need to worry or survive. It’s hard for them without us.” As said by “Sport24”.

He had previously expressed his sympathy for the United States and Canada, who were not against Russia’s participation in the World Championship.

Neither Russia nor Belarus will play at the 2024 World Championship in the Czech Republic.

Both countries missed two consecutive world championships due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Krikunovs became head coach of Riga Dynamo in November 2021, but left his post in March 2022. Then the Latvian club withdrew from the Continental Hockey League (KHL).

Krikunov, 73, is one of the most experienced ice hockey coaches in Russia. As an actress, she once represented the Riga “Dynamo”.

During his coaching career, Krikunovs also played for the national teams of Slovenia, Russia and Belarus.

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