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British air force commander: Russian threat will remain even after defeat in Ukraine

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak meets with Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston and RAF Coningsby Unit Commander Billy Cooper Photograph: AFP/SCAN

British Air Force Commander Mike Wigston said he believed Russia would be “revengeful” if it lost the war in Ukraine and that Putin could be succeeded by equally evil and ruthless rulers.

Wigston believes that “when the war in Ukraine is over and Ukraine restores its borders, as it should, we will have a corrupt, vengeful and ruthless Russia that can harm us with air strikes, missile strikes and underwater sabotage.” The Commander of the Royal Air Force also said that even if Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is overthrown, the Russian threat will continue or increase.

“Even if Putin disappears, he can be replaced by countless others who would treat their own people and neighboring countries equally brutally.”

After four years at the helm of the British Air Force, Sir Mike Wigston will step down next month.

His comments on Russian threats after the end of the Ukrainian war are a public expression of concerns believed to have been privately discussed about how a western military leader might react if a humiliated Russia were defeated in Ukraine.

Earlier this month, the head of the European command, US General Christopher Cavoli, said that despite heavy military losses in the Ukraine war, Russia’s armed forces remained largely intact and remain a significant threat.

“The ground forces are very depleted. They ran into big problems but the fleet lost almost nothing. The question is, how long will it take to rebuild to do that?” General Cavoli said at a security conference in Tallinn, Estonia.

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