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Seyboth Wild, tennis player great-grandson of Hitler’s “teacher”: “My family is Nazi”

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He cares so much about his German heritage. By the pronunciation of that last name, Seyboth Wild, so un-Brazilian. He has always said it since he was 18 and won the US Open junior and entered the radar of world tennis. Certainly no one ever thought he could hide behind his Germanic roots the great-grandson of Adolf Hitler’s “teacher”. To put it indirectly, it was real Thiago Seyboth Wild. He wrote it on WhatsApp to his ex-partner, who accused him of domestic violence and therefore shot some photos of the conversation to the newspaper as evidence Oh bol. “My maternal family is Nazi. My great-grandfather was Hitler’s predecessor: he was the one who taught him life»the tennis player’s message (dated October 16, 2019), which also attaches a black and white photo, with his relative close to the Führer.

After publication of Oh bol, the family immediately distanced themselves and rejected Thiago’s words, including homophobic and racist insults. He avoided further statements because of the ongoing proceedings (for the ex-partner’s allegations), and emphasized that no verdict has yet been passed. “I am currently fully focused on my career and I am sure that my innocence will be proven,” are words in a released statement after the match, he lost to Nishiokaat the end of which he refused to answer questions from journalists at the press conference.

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A tournament, the Roland Garros, that put him back in the spotlight: he passed the qualifications, he won his first match at a Grand Slam by beating world No. 2 Medvedev
and only retired in the third round, losing to Nishioka in five sets. Meanwhile, Thayane Lima, the former partner, told a Oh bol it’s true. Complete with photos of some conversations between the two op Whatsapp. In one, the influencer, who now lives in the United States, asks Thiago, “Your mother doesn’t like gays, blacks and Jews, does she?” He answers yes and clarifies: «My mother’s family was Nazi. It was my great-grandfather who taught Hitler about life.” Message to which he attaches a black-and-white photograph – dated 1921 with a caption in Gothic font, the official of National Socialism – of the Führer greeting his supposed great-grandfather.

Can it be true? In Spain Brand identifies Anton Drexler as Seyboth Wild’s alleged relative. What is the connection with Hitler? Drexler, a disaffected worker from Munich, founded the DAP (German Workers’ Party) in 1919, a political group with “racist, anti-Semitic, nationalist, anti-capitalist and anti-communist” ideas. On September 12 of the same year, Hitler was sent as a spy by the Weimar Republic to attend a meeting of the newborn party in a beer hall in Munich. Discussion in which Hilter actively participates, displaying his eloquence to the point of prompting Drexler to ask him to join them. He joined the party, became a member of the executive committee and head of propaganda, and within two years was the leader of the movement.

Drexler died in 1942, but had two children, Anton and Annemaria. Many Nazis fled to South America in those years, especially to Brazil, where there was already an important German colony. It cannot therefore be ruled out that the (voluntary) confession of Thiago Seyboth Wild is true.

Source: Corriere

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