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Conference League, clashes in Prague before the final: 16 Fiorentina fans stopped

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The clashes broke out in the afternoon in a bar in the center: three England fans were injured. The situation returned to normal after the intervention of the Czech security forces

Tension in the hours leading up to the Conference League final kick-off between Fiorentina and West Ham (LIVE UPDATES). In Prague, the venue of the final act of the third continental demonstration, the two fans clashed in the afternoon, causing public order problems and forcing law enforcement to intervene to put down the clashes.

Three England supporters were injured

According to a spokesman for the Czech police, 16 Fiorentina fans have been stopped at the end of the clashes that took place at a bar in via Rytirska, in the city center, a stone’s throw from St. Wenceslas Square. Three people of British nationality were injured. The remaining members of the supporters’ group were escorted to the fan zone and identifications are ongoing.

Hundreds of agents deployed in the streets of Prague

According to what has been reconstructed, the story began in the afternoon when the fans of the two teams came into contact with each other. Even chairs on the street flew over. After police detained a dozen people on the spot, particularly at a shoe store where the fans had entered, others were identified and detained. Two of the three West Ham fans were treated at the scene, one was taken to hospital with head injuries. A police officer was also involved in the scuffle, but was not injured. The other members of the group of Fiorentina fans, several dozen, then moved to Piazza San Venceslao where they were surrounded by police in riot gear and escorted to a park just outside the center. The episode created tension after a day in a festive atmosphere. According to Prague police, there were no other violent incidents. However, the security force set up for the match starting at 9 p.m. is impressive: several hundred police officers will be on hand and also the members of the anti-conflict team (roughly the equivalent of the Italian mobile unit) mounted police officers, dog units and helicopters.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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