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There were also personal differences behind Jacobs-Camossi’s farewell: the coach had goals as a manager

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Paolo Camossi he won’t be coaching anymore Marcel Jacobs, the athlete who led the former Friulian jumper to the historic Olympic title of 100 meters and 4×100 in Tokyo in 2021, turning a national-level sprinter into the king of global sprinting. After an indiscretion launched by Rai On Sunday, Jacobs confirmed everything last night in an interview with Gazzetta.it: «Our collaboration has ended. With Paolo we wrote the history of Italian and world athletics and shared beautiful moments. But life has its phases and we have come to the conclusion that it is okay to part ways. It was a difficult decision, I won’t deny that. He remains a great coach for me.”

Jacobs divorces Camossi: the reasons behind the choice

The relationship started in 2015 and convinced the native of Gorizia and the athlete from Brescia to move to Rome with their families in a technical and human symbiosis that seemed inseparable thanks to a perfect work plan for an athlete who until then had been tormented by muscle problems that had forced him to give up his beloved long jump. The divorce, which took place in recent months, it would have been caused by strong differences of opinion on a technical and personal level that had already come to light last year and by Camossi’s tendency to occupy (management) spaces that are larger than that of the training.
The last two seasons have been difficult due to the succession of injuries that affected the champion, but also the difficulties of the couple (and the entire Jacobs clan) to calmly share the problems with the federation and the outside world.

Everything changes less than a year before the Olympic Games

At the Fidal (who pays Camossi the highest salary among the athletes’ personal coaches) have fallen from the clouds. «No one said anything to us – he explains Filippo Di Muloresponsible for the Italian speed team and wizard of the 4×100 – but of course we can change coaches, the most important thing is that they let us know.” Fiamme Oro, the military team for which Jacobs rides, was informed of the situation afterwards. You can of course change coaches, but the Paris Games are only 311 days away, little for a technical revolution about which Jacobs has quite clear ideas: «I feel the need for a total change, for new impulses – the Brescia resident explained to the Gazzetta – and above all for a group with which I can share the toughest work sessions. THEo and my family we will leave Rome: there are several options on the table, in Italy and abroad. They will have to be evaluated very carefully.”

Jacobs leaves Rome: where he will train

The new group will have to work hard:
Jacobs did not meet the Olympic minimum
(10″00) and the problems due to overload of the sciatic nerve do not seem to have been solved at all: in the five performances this year over 100 meters, the fluidity of the action and the speed of the pace in Tokyo are a memory and the deterioration of performance (from 9″85 to 10″05) unrelenting. It will not be easy to find (especially in Italy) a coach capable of training an athlete of this level and with such important problems. Leaving Rome probably means rejecting the most interesting hypothesis, that of a coach like Stefano Tilli who already acted as technical advisor to Jacobs and Camossi four years ago. One thing’s for sure: there aren’t many groups of top sprinters you can share the work with, and almost all of them are in the United States.

Source: Corriere

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