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They laugh as they show the photo of little Bradley who died of cancer: two fans arrested

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With a grin on their lips, they showed a photo of Bradley Lowery, the little Sunderland fan who died in 2017 from a rare form of cancer. They sat in the stands during the game their team lost on Friday Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 against Sunderland. So Saturday evening two men aged 27 and 31fans of Sheffield, a club that plays in the English second tier, were arrested by South Yorkshire Police on suspicion of outraging public decency. Their gesture shocked England, who still remember the story of Bradley, the little Sunderland fan who suffered from neuroblastoma and who died in 2017 aged just 6.

The photo began circulating on social media, forcing the two fans to delete their profiles due to the amount of insults they received. Sheffield immediately apologized: “We are aware of the images circulating and have launched an immediate investigation with South Yorkshire Police. We strongly condemn this scandalous and absolutely deplorable behavior. We can only apologize for the undoubted pain caused to Bradley’s family and friends.” The former employer of one of the two men also intervened, indicating that “he is a former employee and has not been employed for some time at the company”.

Gemma, Bradley’s mother, wrote down a long message Facebook: «Today was not the Saturday I expected, after receiving several calls and messages about a photo circulating on social media. I have had a visit from Durham Police to check I am okay and they have informed me and Carl that Yorkshire Police are dealing with the situation and taking it very seriously.” ‘It is understandable that people are angry if they weren’t so angry I would be – Gemma continued –. Bradley was and still is much loved in the football community, but I must ask everyone to let the police do their job and deal with these low lives. I would like to thank Sheffield Wednesday for the swift condemnation and support of their fans. As we always say, cancer has no colors, and as we all know, cancer can affect anyone at any time. Thank you all for your kind words.”

Source: Corriere

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