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Director of National Intelligence: Putin determined to continue the war outside of Donbass

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Avril Heinz, director of the US National Intelligence Agency, told the US Senate on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not end Ukraine’s war with his Donbass campaign and that Moldova is determined to link up with the separatist Transnistria region.

“In our view, President Putin is preparing for a protracted conflict in Ukraine while still pursuing targets outside of Donbass,” Heinz said.

“Putin seems likely to say that Russia has more capacity and preparedness than its rivals to face the challenges, and predicts that US and EU commitments will weaken as food supplies, inflation and energy prices worsen,” Heinz said. said.

The official said Putin is expected to become even more unpredictable and may declare a state of war in Russia to help him achieve his goals in Ukraine.

Putin’s goals are greater than Russia’s military capabilities, and that “means that over the next few months, we will likely follow an even more unpredictable and potentially escalating trajectory.”

“The current trend raises the possibility that Putin will resort to even more radical measures to free up the resources needed to achieve his goals, including a choice of a war situation, a reorientation of industrial production, or a potential military escalation.” said.

As Heinz admits, it is unlikely that Putin will order the use of nuclear weapons unless Russia is exposed to “existential threats.”

Source: Tv Net

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