The hopeless top three – 0: 5 against the Czech Republic, and the nightmare that the Latvian national hockey team could make it to the quarterfinals of this year’s World Hockey Championship is over. This is what the Czech Republic looks like! Glory and glory to the Czechs who, after losing to Austria, knew how to act by doing everything in the first twenty minutes. Tonight, our team is again in the 7th place in the Tampere group in the “to be” or “not to be” match against Austria.

Defeat the Czech Republic! It was the only real opportunity for the Latvian national team to enter the quarterfinals of the World Hockey Championship. Of the four theoretically left behind (USA, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic), Czechs looked like the dumbest lambs. Troubles on the field, mange in the locker room and a few points on the tournament table. We win the poor in a three-point game, Oreech, the Czechs both at the table behind Latvia and outside the quarterfinals.

The match against the Czechs was also important for the upcoming season. After leaving Dynamo, a number of old dynamites were seized or not, and in terms of pay and comfort, the Czech extra was like a honeymoon. Well, he plays the best match of his life, falls into the eyes of the general manager of the Pilsen or “Sparta” club, and next year’s job is guaranteed.