Despite the deeper annals of more than 20 years of history, it was pretty clear who was the lead goalkeeper for the Latvia national football team. At the beginning of this century, the first number for many years was Alexander Kolinko, then Andris Vanins took over the flag from him. Recently, Pavel Steinbor and Robert Ozola have been appointed as the first goalkeepers as soon as possible. Right now with the UEFA Nations League games approaching, the coaches will have to crack their heads to choose which ball catcher to entrust the security of the Latvian national team’s goal.

The head coach of the Latvian national team, Dainis Kazakevičs, does not hide that he has not yet answered the question of which goalkeeper will play in the June matches before the training camp. TVNET also appealed to Māris Verpakovskis, Anatolija Kreipāns and Ilvars Koscinkevičs, who agreed that the national team is not currently awarded the first point, but football experts did not hesitate to point out their current favorites for the main goalkeeper role.