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Who is Hannah Schmitz, the brilliant Red Bull strategist who sent Ferrari into a tailspin?

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Ferrari sank in the Monaco GP under the weight of its own mistakes, the chance of an easy win, thrown away, left deep marks. On morale and also on the standings. However, the tactical short-circuit, which made Charles Leclerc furious, was caused by the intuition of a woman from the Red Bull wall.

Hannah Schmitz, strategist by profession, belongs to the category of fastest brains in F1. It was she who made the decision to have Sergio Perez return to the tire change, on lap 16, to fit the intermediates. That’s when the men of the Cavallino are confused. They underestimated the speed level of the Mexican with those tires and don’t react with the “marking” on the human, causing Sainz or Leclerc himself who was the race leader at the time to stop immediately. In slang it is called “crossover” and it is the exact moment when switching from one type of connection to another. Schmitz guessed the winning moment by reading the mathematical models worked out by Milton Keynes’ remote garage, as well as immediately understanding the scam.track conditions and the behavior of those who, like Gasly, had already made this choice in the early laps of the race

Perfect moves, including the double pit stop on lap 22 that wiped out the hopes of the red run for good. Skill, opportunism and even luck. Because within Red Bull they didn’t expect rivals to be in the mood for gifts. “We have been exceptional – admits Christian Horner – but we have also benefited from their mistakes”. In Maranello these days there is a thorough investigation of what went wrong between the team of quarterbacks on the track led by Spaniard Iñaki Rueda (supported by his right-hand man, Ravi Jain) and that of the remote garage in Maranello . But also on all other gaps in the chain of command

On the other hand, it rained compliments for Schmitz. Helmut Marko, the man of confidence of Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull: «We were all exceptional, but when we won, we mainly owe it to Hannah, she was our strategy manager here. He calmly and clearly analyzed the data and also allowed us to put Verstappen in front of Leclerc ». Cambridge graduate mechanical engineer has been part of the blue team for thirteen years, she came in with an internship.

in 2019 he had let Verstappen win the Brazilian GP with a three-stop tactic, and had reached the podium together with the Dutchman. She had just returned to work after her maternity leave. A few weeks ago, at a technical seminar, he explained the “Monte Carlo” statistical method applied to F1: “Simulations are basically a way of using mathematical randomness to solve a problem”. Puzzle solved. If Ferrari needs reinforcements for the short wall, they know where to look

Source: Corriere

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