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Seismologist: People should adapt to nature. But it costs money

Seismologists have long referred to Turkey as a region where earthquakes are common. Yet they cannot predict exactly when such a devastating disaster...

Rescue operation in Dnipro, Ukraine: “There is little hope that some are still alive”

Firefighters and rescuers in Dnipro, Ukraine, continue to clear the rubble of a residential building and search for survivors of the Russian missile attack....

The conflict with the police continues. Activists want to save a German village from destruction

The municipality of Lützerath in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has become a battleground between the coal industry and the climate movement. ...

A demonstration on the border of terrorism. Is he fighting for Brazilian democracy?

Two months after the presidential election, Brazil experienced "January Eight", modeled after the attack on the US Congress two years ago. Supporters of...

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