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energy efficiency

High demand for solar panels raises concerns about overproduction of electricity

State support programs for the installation of solar panels and wind generators for private individuals have been in place in Latvia for several months...

European Union to classify natural gas and nuclear energy as sustainable energy sources

On Wednesday, the European Parliament (EP) supported a proposal for sustainable recognition of investments in natural gas and nuclear power projects.The aim of the...

Support measures during the heating season will be financed from increased state budget revenues and borrowed money.

Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš said on Tuesday (June 21st) that support measures for the next heating season, of which the government has planned 350m...

Altum has started accepting applications for a program to improve the energy efficiency of single-family homes

Representatives of Altum reported that from today, residents can apply for the JSC "Attības Finansīcija" Altum "" ("Altum") support program to increase the energy...

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