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Audi, 40 years of driving quattro: the models compared on the track and off-road

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The winning traction

41 years have passed since the first victory of a four-wheel drive car in the World Rally Championship: it was the Swedish Rally in February 1981. It was the turning point the Audi quattro group B of Hannu Mikkola and Arne Hertz Then the House of the Four Rings won four titles in the WRC and 4 Dakar, along with the DTM, Le Mans and the Pikes Peak ascent, to remember the key statements. Then through the years four-wheel drive is confirmed as a technological asset, no longer reserved only for off-road or racing cars, but also an advantage in terms of safety, efficiency and sportiness for everyday models, including electric. The German company has borrowed almost half a century after the introduction of this solution from the Volkswagen Iltis of the German army, produced 12.2 million 4×4 cars Now it has 130 versions with AWD drive (35% of the recently registered) in its list with seven different technical configurations. Yes, because over the years a series of variants have been developed ad hoc for the different types of cars and applications.

Source: Corriere

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