Apple is preparing to add a fingerprint sensor to the Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is the market-dominant smartwatch that brings to the fore many features that will later be replicated by competitors. After various health functions, the focus will be on safety in the future.

A new patent filed by Apple reveals that the next innovation could be the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the Apple Watch. It’s a feature that’s already been talked about, but it hasn’t been applied to any company yet.

Apple aims to enhance the security of popular smartwatches

A patent recently filed with the USPTO underscores Apple’s intention or desire to include a fingerprint sensor in the Apple Watch. A new boost to the safety of this product used by millions of consumers around the world.

The document reveals that the sensor will be placed on the side of the Apple Watch. Interestingly, the company plans to add a second knob for the purpose instead of using the existing rotating crown.

I’m not sure if this second button has another purpose, but at least it helps to house the fingerprint sensor. Something that confirms Apple’s intention to bet on the watch’s capacitance sensor.

Many may wonder why Apple doesn’t use the Apple Watch’s rotating bezel to house this component. Unfortunately, we can’t answer this based on the documentation Apple has filed for this patent.

The smartwatch fingerprint sensor theme is not new. This issue has already been discussed several times, but no company has invested this technology in its products yet.

Therefore, Apple could be the first company to adopt this technology in the Apple Watch. If so, it will be another feature that can be easily duplicated by its major competitors.

However, Apple is fully aware that it does not include underdeveloped technology in its products. In fact, if the results obtained by this sensor do not meet the requirements defined by the company, this patent may not be realized.

Source: 4G News

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