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Evetta Openair, the electric microcar (inspired by the Isetta) now in a convertible version

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The German company Electric Brands last July 2022 he opened the orders of the Evetta electric car which is essentially a copy of the microlino. It is therefore a compact electric car approved as a heavy four-wheeler and perfect to stand out within the city walls, thanks to the round shapes that they refer to the “mythical” Isetta.

Here comes the uncovered version

The German company, along with the opening of the Evetta orders, also presented the Evetta Openair, so a convertible version, and the Evetta Cargo, perfect as a company car for use in the city. Of the two novelties, the Evetta Openair is undoubtedly the most exciting, also because the soft top can be completely removedand therefore it is possible to use it as a real roadster, as long as you are happy with its performance.

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Up to 200 km autonomy

The Evetta Openair comes standard with one 18 kWh battery, which can guarantee a range of about 200 km and a maximum speed of 90 km / h. The «Evetta Openair First Edition», a special version very rich in accessories, is limited to 999 unitswith pre-orders that can be made online or through one of the 800 dealers in Europe. Delivery is planned for mid 2023. The price of the Limited Edition is 33,333 euros, while the standard version costs 21 thousand euros. That drops to 16 thousand euros for the Evetta with complete bodywork (19,540 euros for the Limited Edition).

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Source: Corriere

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