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AdBlock: Ad blockers will stop working in Google Chrome in 2023

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The popularity of ad blocking extensions such as AdBlock For browsers like google chrome As the primary means of monetizing online publications, advertising is ubiquitous on the internet, but Google says it may have no choice but to coexist with it from January 2023. I have.

According to the new hypothesis first advanced on the platform edit A recent publication by Google has demonstrated that as of January 2023, AdBlock and other ad blocking extensions may stop working. however, Developer Chrome extensions until that happens.

End of AdBlock in Google Chrome Browser from January 2023

So, come January, I don’t think Chrome will be able to maintain its global dominance belt after all adblocker extensions stop working… https://t.co/QhJj3DOOFA

— Onno Ben Shop (@owh) August 25, 2022

At risk are internal documents shared by the team responsible for Google Chrome extensions. There you will already find detailed information and timelines for the development of these tools for browsers, as well as the main changes that will be implemented along that route. As users point out, edithave serious consequences.

More specifically, DeveloperThe current manifest V2 is modified by the later manifest V3. This manifesto V3 has already been outlined and will enter into force in January 2023.

Since then, this change may hinder the development and production of new products that block ads in the Google Chrome browser.

Main changes mentioned by Developer from chrome:

The aforementioned changes will take effect in January 2023. Let’s see what they mean for users of the world’s most popular browsers.

Manifest V3 Brings Breaking Changes to Chrome Extension Development

First, note that ad-blocking extensions for Chrome aren’t going away.However, each programming team and Developer Create and develop this kind of extension based on Manifest V3. However, it remains to be seen if this is the result Google wanted, or if it was just a coincidence.

Second, by January 2023, developers responsible for AdBlock and similar extensions will take the necessary precautions and take the necessary actions. Additionally, users who have already installed the extension will not be affected by the change.

However, it highlights the importance of Manifest V3 in the upcoming changes and its impact on the ad blocking industry. This leads us to believe that this is the result the Chrome team wanted given the importance of advertising on the Internet and the respective business models of North American technology.

Google wants to make AdBlock and other extensions unnecessary in Chrome.

Google knows that in the end the only thing they lose is their users. Although it has the largest user base of any browser in the world, Google is now working towards a future “beyond cookies” itself. This is to provide advertisers and users with a profitable business model, while providing users with greater privacy.

These changes are gradual and gradual, with Google living (mostly) on advertising revenue for the time being). However, the company wants to guarantee his Chrome users more privacy and even includes an ad blocker in its own browser.

However, there are always viable alternatives such as Mozilla, Opera and Brave. At the same time, Apple continues to claim to be the number one advocate for user privacy, and recent research proves this.

i see it @google chrome This will remove Adblock support from January 2023 #ad block #newdefaultbrowser @firefox pic.twitter.com/m8u941G8Sj

— grnnngthng (@grnnngthng) August 24, 2022

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