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iPhone 14: New Features Fail, Apple Responds (Video)


The new iPhone 14 series has sensors that bring new features such as car crash detection.

But in crash tests, the iPhone 14 failed miserably several times in a row. Considering what happened, Apple has already gone public to clarify the situation.

iPhone 14, testing new features fails to detect crashes

Does Apple’s crash detection work? I’ve put together several cars to find out. | | WSJ

One of the novelties of the new iPhone 14 series is the integration of sensors that allow the use of new features such as car crash detection. alert the authorities to the event instead.

The Wall Street Journal recently decided to test this new feature. To run the test, an American media journalist went to a junkyard with his professional Derby driver. During all tests, the driver wore his Apple Watch Ultra on his wrist and an iPhone 14, along with his Google Pixel 6, was placed in his second car to crash.

The test involved colliding a driver with a car in a parked car equipped with Apple and Google smartphones. There was good news and bad news for Apple after the simulated crash.

The Apple Watch Ultra detected all crashes, but the iPhone 14 placed in the impacted car never detected the accident simulation. Note to Google Pixel 6 that detected one of the impacts.

Apple addresses crash detection flaw in iPhone 14

Considering what happened, Apple has already gone public to provide some explanations related to the new accident detection feature.

A company spokesperson said the conditions of the tests conducted by The Wall Street Journal did not meet the minimum requirements to enable the feature. Apple says it’s very likely that the iPhone sensor didn’t receive enough signal because there was no Bluetooth or CarPlay connection.

The company goes further, saying that the vehicle the iPhone 14 was in hadn’t traveled far enough before the crash simulation. Apple explained that the feature would work better if the iPhone 14 received more GPS signals indicating that the vehicle was traveling on real roads.

Meanwhile, Apple warns about the iPhone 14 that the feature is not 100% effective in detecting accidents and the company cannot be held responsible for any failures.

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